When I first picked up my camera at the young age of 5 or 6, I knew there was something about it that fascinated me, but I never took it seriously until I graduated with my business degree at 22 years old. And instead of going the route of photographing people or products, I took to my absolute foundation of traveling.

After all, I grew up with a father who was a career-long commercial airline pilot, and I traveled around the world with my family since birth. So, globetrotting became part of who I am. And as I entered into the “real world” in my twenties, I wanted to get back to my foundation… my roots.

Without any money, I borrowed my dad’s camera, his lenses, and took the few dollars I had to my name, and put it into gas, food, and other super basic costs in order for me to get to that next destination – either local or abroad. And when I was there at that location, I practiced my craft.

I took photos of everything. EVERYTHING.

Trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, birds, animals, moving objects, still objects, weather patterns, … it didn’t matter. Whatever was in front of me, I learned how to not only take a photograph of that thing, but I practiced on how to create something unique. After all, I was traveling to some of the most popular, albeit touristy, locations around the world – and I wanted to create something that was unique to me.

The challenge here for me was to create something that was still timeless.

Still modern.

Still vibrant.

Still … me.

And over time, that style developed. It just took me over a million photographs and a decade of working in the field to really understand what exactly that I uniquely needed to have in front of my camera to feel that “YES” feeling that I get when knowing I’m creating something outstanding.

And now that my wife and father-in-law own the Waterfront Coffee shop in Edmonds, WA – a large goal of mine is now finally coming to fruition. (Sort of).

After all, ever since I was 22 (now in my mid-30’s), my long-term goal was to have my own fine art gallery. But back in 2008, that certainly wasn’t the right time for it. And back then, my body of work certainly wasn’t ready for it.

But now that we’re in 2021, and after more than a decade of traveling the world and fine-tuning my photography style, I’m so thankful to finally have my photography artwork being publicly displayed and available for sale to the public.

It’s been a huge dream of mine for so many years – and I’m so excited to finally be able to make it happen. And hey, hopefully someday soon I’ll have my very own standalone fine art gallery. Fingers crossed.

To go straight to shop the artwork, simply go here: https://store.kylegoldiegallerie.com/art 

If you ever have any questions about my photographs or just about photography in general, just reach out. I’m here. Thank you.



  1. Laurie Deines says:

    Sitting in Waterfront cafe admiring your work. I love iceland.


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